Wednesday, November 29, 2006

There's something about a man in a suit.....

So I was sitting here catching up on season one of Criminal Minds, when it hit me:There is just something about a man in a suit with authority!!

No you may be thinking Anderson doesn't really fit the "authority" part compared to Sheemar Moore playing FBI Agent Derek Morgan on Criminal Minds, or David Boreanaz playing Agent Seeley Booth on Bones, but let's face it when Anderson gets snarky and fiesty with certain people it's hot, and looking good in a suit just does it for me!!

Next we have Shemar Moore. Like I've stated he plays Agent Derek Morgan on Criminal Minds finding and taking down bad guy serial killers. It may just be me, but when he goes all FBI on someone (you know gets that walk, and body posture) it just gets to me! If you haven't checked out Criminal Minds, you can watch it Wednesdays on CBS: check your local listings for more information!

Next we have the non-conformist, vicodin addicted doctor we hate to love but love to hate: Hugh Laurie as Doctor Gregory House! Not only is he a medical genius, he knows just how far to push people in order to save a life! Yes, he can go a little too far sometimes (well some people may say most of the time), but let's face it, he's still good lookin!

And LAST BUT CERTAINLY NOT LEAST my new found love David Boreanaz as Special Agent Seeley Booth; my knight in FBI issued body armor!! There's just something about the way he can be so sensitive and funny then turn around and be all up in the face of a suspected murderer or gangbanger to get his point across and get the answers he needs!! So I would suggest if you haven't already to check out BONES Wednesdays at 7pm central on Fox!! Just to get a little taste of the oh so beautiful Agent Booth. *thud*

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sydney said...

Hmm, somehow I missed this post until just now.

Shemar's a gorgeous man, he doesn't need a suit. And of course Anderson can make anything stylin'. But yeah, a nice suit never hurts!