Thursday, November 30, 2006

* Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow *

Omg it's so cold it's not even funny!!!! Thanks to the snow though, here are 10 new photographs that I hope to be adding to my portfolio!! I would appreciate any feedback anyone is willing to give, thanks :)
"Untitled 2"
"Untitled 3"
"Untitled 4"
"Untitled 5"
"Untitled 6"
"Untitled 7"
"Untitled 8"
"Untitled 9"
"Untitled 10"


AndysGirl said...

Hey Rita - I love the snow pics! They are great and I am so jealous. Didn't you say you live in Texas? How did you guys get snow and we have had none so far this year to speak of.

They will make for an amazing addition to your portfolio.

sydney said...

I'm not even going to look. I know it's coming. We're lucky, though - almost Dec and no snow, yet. Very unusual for northern New England.

Anonymous said...

Texas got snow before us up here in the Midwest ! Must be 'el nino'!


Rita said...

Andysgirl: Thanks!! Yes I do live in Texas, but I'm FAR from the warm coast area!!

Sydney: That is quite unusual. I'm not a huge fan of the snow if I have to go out in it, but I'll cope :)

Katnap105 said...

Loved your pics Rita. It gave me yet another reason to be thankful I'm here in SC - It was so warm yesterday I had to turn on the air conditioner for a bit. It's hard to get in the mood for Christmas when you are running around in a tee shirt and flip flops. Thanks for sharing.