Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Planet in Peril: Madagascar

Madagascar is an island nation off of the southeastern coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean. Madagascar is home to approximately to 5 percent of the world's flora and fauna. Animals that are synonymous with Madagascar include the lemurs, the carnivorous fossa (mammal closely related to the mongoose), three endimic bird families, and six endemic boabab (tree) species.

The Eastern side of Madagascar is home to tropical rainforests, and the western and southern sides are home to tropical dry forests, thorn forests, desert and xeric shrublands.

Madagascar's unique mix of plants and animals has been the result of the island isoaltion for so long, and human intervention has hurt the natural wildlife. Slash and burn activity in the eastern and western dry forests have drastically reduced certain forest habitat and have applied pressure to many endangered species.

However, in recent field studies, some areas of Madagascar has flourished and many new species have been discovered giving hope to the stability of the region. However, many animals are still feeling the pressures of habitat destruction.

Jeff Corwin's documentary was very interesting, however I enjoyed Steve Irwin's (RIP Mate) documetary a few years ago better. He focused on the importance of the lemurs and brought awareness to the situations they are facing, it was titled "The Last Primates of Madagascar". He also gave insight on how many of them were being inflicted with diseases, and it was just full of amazing footage.

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