Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Anderweek Day 2

How would you like your very own life-size Anderson cardboard cutout?! Well I dont really think you can buy this, BUT who knows maybe one day they'll market it like the Johnny Depp cutouts that are out there today!!

Thanks to ATA for this image.


Anonymous said...

No doubt, Anderson is my pick! I don't know who those two other guys are, and for some reason, Johnny Depp scares me...so yes, definitly Anderson.

Rita said...

Anon: Lol Johnny Depp scares you?! I love Johnny Depp I can honestly say he was my first celebrity love lol...no lie...since I was like 4!!! haha

Well just some fyi: David Boreanaz stars in Bones, and played the Vampire with a Soul in the Buffy the Vampires slayer series, as well as his own spin off show Angel.

Josh Lucas played the coach in Glory Road, also had a role in Sweet Home Alabama as the ex, as well as in Stealth.