Thursday, July 03, 2008

yes I have been a bad blogger

I am sorta pissed off a Google.

Anyhow, KUDOS to Anderson for a job well-done last night with the ( good) breaking news about the freed hostages. The broadcast was his best" breaking news" coverage in a long time. He showed compassion and sincerity when talking with the families of the former hostages. It was amazing. I had tears in my eyes during the entire broadcast.
In other news: AC 360 has, for the second economic quarter in a row......beaten Greta's ratings over on Fox News. Coop blogged about the ratings, and thanked us viewers for our faithful viewing.

And, here is some Ander eye-candy for all of you. His piece on the Congo gorillas shall re-play this Sunday on 60 Minutes.


Anonymous said...

Anderson's email:

Anonymous said...

Has anyone ever gotten a reply by writing Anderson at this email?

The one my friend gave me was

Journalist Girl said...

wow does this work?