Monday, July 28, 2008

Jealous of Anderson?

Yes, I'm jealous of Anderson. So I'm sitting here watching Shark Week when I get the heads up that The Shot of the Day is about Anderson and his latest PIP segment with sharks.

So why is Rita jealous? I've always talked about wanting to dive off the coast of South Africa in a shark cage and witness the majesty and beauty of the Great White Shark; and where does Anderson happen to be...South what...a shark cage filming Great White Sharks....

most of you will probably be jealous of the shark getting that close to the cage with Anderson in his wet suit...and all you need to head to the naughty chair! ;)

Anywho...just thought I'd check in. I think I'll start working on some Anderson graphics; so leave your suggestions here or send me a message via my feedback form :)


Anonymous said...

Hey Rita, hope all is well with you.

Any chance we could get some caps from Anderson's shark adventure or are you to jealous. hee hee.


Rita said...

BJ: Thanks, all is well. I hope to find a video and or pictures from the clip to post later. *cross your fingers that i can find some*

Anonymous said...

It says on the 360 site that Anderson is supposed to be doing a piece on the sharks tonight .

I saw the video on the site last night,of Anderson in that wet suit.

The smiles on his face are incredible,he is enjoying himself,no doubt...but I miss him when he is gone on assignment.