Thursday, May 20, 2010

Okay, Everybody say "awwww"!

Okay, I know that's a strange title but if you watched AC360 tonight you'll no doubt understand and agree. Wasn't the Shot one of the best ever? It was indescribably adorable; such a cute little critter. Those of you who are loyal and long time viewers of 360 will surely remember Anderson holding a sloth in the Planet in Peril program. It was a sweet picture. The little critter looked like he was in heaven! (Can't say I blame him!) He was holding on to Anderson's t-shirt with his little paws and looked like he wanted to stay there forever. Of course, he was getting a back rub so it's no wonder he was so contented. We then got bonus footage of the slow bouris getting tickled. That is one of my favorite shots. Like Breanna said, "that's ecstasy right there". Thanks Anderson; great way to end the show and go to bed with a smile.

There was serious and important stuff on the show as well. However, during this time I can't handle bad news. I'm having enough trouble just existing and living day to day and handling the normal everyday problems and chores. Trying to live through grief , feeling sad and depressed, I can't find words to describe the creep who preyed on depressed people who were contemplating suicide. He went online and encouraged these people to go ahead and commit suicide, going so far as to tell them how. Worse yet, he may not even be punished. To be honest, I don't think there is a punishment in existence which matches his crime. Thank God for the initiative of the British woman who caught on to him and pursued it and contacted the police.

Time to go and enjoy tonight's program. Have to relish Thursdays since we won't have live Anderson tomorrow night. I'm really starting to hate weekends!