Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What we have here, is a failure to communicate...

Hey folks. Once again my apologies for the lack of content on the blog. Life is hectic for everyone, and well like the title states there has been a lack of communication on my part with the other contributors (due to various reasons which aren't important.)

But I wanted everyone to know that I have not even thought about closing the blog down (I would HATE for it to come to that) I really felt like this was one of the few "drama free" blogs out there in the Anderson Cooper community, and has always been open to both consenting and dissenting opinion about the topic at hand.

I'm open to suggestions for the blog, if people WANT it to stay up and running (which I hope is the case) then it will.

Also, if there is anyone that has free time and would like to join the team, let me know! (I'm huge on team work and would love to get a great group of people to help revamp the blog and get it back up and running) I would really like to have individuals that can focus on one aspect of the blog. For example, people specifically geared to graphics, people specifically geared to AC360, a person that can focus on picture of the week and random anderson polls, as well as picture of the months, etc.

If you want to express your concerns, suggestions, and comments on the entry go for it, but if you feel the need to express them in a more private manner just use my contact table to send me a message.

I hope everything can work out and we can get this blog back to where it was when it first opened.

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