Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Update part 2

Hey folks, well I went to my doctor's appointment to have my stitches removed, and also got the results back from my test.

Turns out, that it was a mole that was predisposed to melanoma; but everything is okay, since we removed it, all I have to do is make sure to be aware of changes like the one I had. Yay for good news!!

It's crazy to think how a little mole could possibly change your life forever, so do yourself a favor and make sure to notice little changes in your skin, and health. If anyone has any questions please message me :)


ME Ellee said...

Hey Rita
That's good news about the mole. Keep an eye on that little fellow!

I just wanted to comment on your screencaps. They're incredible. Thanks. Do you ever share them?

Rita said...

Screencaps? I usually just find images on the net, and if some friends of my cap, and I use them; but then I'll put their name for credit :)

Anonymous said...

Rita, that is great news about your mole. As me ellee said, keep an eye on it. You must really be relieved.

sfacfan said...

Hey Rita, Hope you're ok. I've not been around much on the blogs and so wanted to check your blog, great as always!

Rita said...

Anon: I am SOOOO relieved!!! I remember my first appointment when they sent me from one doctor to the next, and then having to get it I got into the car and I let it all out. I think that was good though, then I got myself together.

Sfacfan: I'm doing great thanks.