Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Random stuff

Hey everyone so my procedure went really well, really easy and fast; now I just have to wait on my results. I think the fact that I had never had any type of procedure done was making me nervous, but it's all over and done with, just have to go back in a week to get my stitches out :)

I heard this quote on "Crikey, What an Adventure" and thought it may encourage some people that may happen to read this and wonder what they should be doing with their life, and what their bliss is.

Whatever you want to do in this world it is achievable but most important thing I've found that perhaps you can use is be passionate and enthusiastic in the direction that you choose in life and you'll be a winner." -Steve Irwin-

I want a boy with lips like morphine, knock me out everytime they touch me... haha I'm so stuck on this particular song by Kill Hannah "Lips like Morhphine" of course I changed the song just a tad (changed "girl" to "boy" lol)

Anywho, hope everyone is having a GREAT Wednesday, I'm planning to start up again on the Andercons, and wallpapers so look forward to some new art in the near future :)

Thank you to everyone who has sent me comments/emails about my procedure!!


Anonymous said...

Rita glad the procedure went well. We will hope for the best on the results.

Anonymous said...

Good to hear your procedure was quick and uneventful. All the best Rita