Saturday, March 20, 2010

Welcome back - for better or worse!

I never thought when my computer died that it would be years till I got back to the blog. There have been so many changes since then. I was just reading my last entry and it mentioned Sen. Ted Kennedy having a seizure. As we all know, he is no longer with us. On a personal note, the same applies to my Mom. As we were going up to bed at 4:00 A.M. she suffered a stroke. She managed to hang on or I hung on to her, I'm not sure which, for about three weeks till she left us. I'm not handling it very well to be honest.

What does this have to do with Anderson Cooper? Well, maybe not much except I probably rely on the show and him even more than I used to. It is one of a very few things keeping me partially sane and helping me to hang on to that thin thread that Anderson talked about that keeps us from going over the edge. I know everyone loved the screen caps but I it may take me awhile to get back to that. I just now dug up my password and figured out how to get back on the blog. So be patient with me and I promise if a rant or meltdown is coming on, I will warn you ahead of time. You can then leave the blog safe and unscathed and not have to listen to me lose it. I can always burden my best friend with my meltdowns like I usually do.

Till I make it back again; take care and keeping watching AC 360. With the help of Anderson and 360, maybe we can come up with a few good days here and there.

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